If you are pregnant and living in Ireland, your care is supported under the State's Maternity & Infant Care Scheme. The following points and options available to women under this scheme are highlighted below, and a Birth Options Map is available to download.

Maternity & Infant Care Scheme

  •  Provides free Maternity care to all expectant mothers in Ireland 
  •  Service is provided by your GP alongside a hospital obstetrician / midwife / self-employed community midwife
  •  You don’t need to have medical / GP visit card
  •  Most GP’s in Ireland cover the scheme
  •  You are also covered for two post-natal visits to a G.P.
  • Irish Maternity System is mainly obstetric led. This means that the vast majority of women will be under the care of an obstetrician and their team 
  • Obstetricians are trained to deal with difficulties during pregnancy and labour and high risk cases 
  • Most Irish women (approx. 85%) will have normal pregnancies
  • Some of the options mentioned may not be available in your area, or may only be available in a limited capacity 
  • Others may not be available due to your health, or how your level of risk is perceived
  • Do your research and make an informed decision as to which option is the right one for you - then work toward making that option happen, if possible.