Speedy birth after Induction for a First Time Mum - CUMH

I went into Cumh Sunday 25th Nov at 3.30pm for induction. I was in 3 south ward in a room just opposite the nurses station which was great.

I had printed my GentleBirth plan with a beautiful floral design in colour and had the main points printed on a label and stuck it on the cover of my hospital file. I printed flash cards with my positive affirmations, breathing techniques and lots of funny memories to keep me in a positive calm mindset and to keep laughing! I had lots of LED t-lights and my relaxing labour play list on, so the atmosphere was really lovely and relaxing in the room, all midwives said it when they came into the room.

I was given a gel at 6pm and nothing was stirring I just had very mild cramps, (little did I know how mild😂). I got checked around 9pm and was only 2 cm. I got the second gel at midnight and again nothing had changed when they checked me  around 2.45am, so I sent Dermot home to sleep at 3am.

I was getting ready for bed and got up on the bed to reach the light switch and POP my waters went like they do on a film! I went out to the midwife station but my midwife was on tea break and told another midwife and she didn’t seem too phased, said it would be a few hours before anything happened, and said she’d have a look in a minute.  

The real pain started almost immediately after my waters went so I rang my partner to come back quick! He got to the hospital at 3.10am. I had some very strong contractions and I told my partner to ask the midwife could I get up and move but I was on the monitor, I dont think she believed me about how painful it was. She said to wait just 5 more minutes on the monitor. 

I explained that I needed to push and asked for pain relief so she said “all right I’ll have a little look” then she called in a second opinion and was told no time for pain relief we have to go to the delivery suite now! They told my partner to grab a nappy and bag there was no time for anything else and they literally ran with my bed down to the delivery suite shouting don’t push don’t push!! 

I got to the delivery suite at 4 am. I had to go from one bed to the other but ended up standing grabbing the bed for a while, I just couldn’t move to the other bed. The midwives raised the back of the delivery suite bed so I could lean over it while on my knees on the bed. I remember the sweat running off me and my partner got me a cold face cloth.... the nicest feeling in the world!!!!!

I had the gas and air but I wasn’t breathing it in, just out through the tube, I got it a little mixed up....oops!!
I asked for an epidural only to be told there was no time they could see Baby’s head. At this stage they were a bit concerned as her heart rate was dropping slightly and they were trying to get a consultant but it was all happening too quick no one could get there quick enough, they told me to push as hard as possible as they needed baby to be born, I was so tired I changed position onto my back but sitting up and they held my feet.

After 3 or 4 contractions her head was out and she was born on the next contraction!  They put her straight into my chest and the cord was Snow White when it was cut! 

I dread to think how I would have felt if I hadn’t used GentleBirth in the months prior to the birth.

They took her away to weigh her. She flew into the world 58 minutes after going into the delivery suite, they were all shocked at the speed things progressed!! They kept me in delivery suite for 3 hours because my pulse was very high so they gave me a drip and just monitored me, when the shift change was happening they were telling the other midwives what happened and they were all saying... oh wow and first baby that’s fast with no pain relief ..wow!!! But it wasn’t for the lack of asking 😂

The birth wasn’t what I had planned and I think I was in shock for a little while after as it all happened so fast, I was expecting to be in labour a very long time with induction. I dread to think how I would have felt if I hadn’t used GentleBirth in the months prior to the birth. I still use the tracks if I’m having trouble sleeping. In the first few days my anxiety was very bad and I found the new mum track really good.

The day before my induction I spent time reading my affirmations and flash cards, and while I was nervous about going into the hospital I honestly think I would have needed medication to deal with my anxiety and nerves if I hadn’t the GentleBirth training under my belt!

We both really enjoyed the workshop with you, and will definitely be back if we decide our little one needs a little brother or sister! 

I believe all I’ve learned while using GentleBirth will continue to help me with my anxiety even after my pregnancy