Speedy GentleBirth for First Time Mum in CUMH

First time Mum Deirdre and her partner Brian did a Gentlebirth workshop with me a few months ago. They kindly shared their very speedy birth story with me a few days ago. 

“I had a really great experience and GentleBirth was definitely a huge part of that.”

Ferdia arrived in rather a rush on Thursday morning at 6.26am. I woke around 3.20am with what felt like period pain, felt a trickle, woke my husband and told him what was happening. Because I'm a first timer and we expected it to take a while, we just made sure the bag was ready, made tea, and settled in for the anticipated slow early labour.

I had my tracks, my essential oils, tens machine etc packed and was rather looking forward to the pool. At 4am my waters broke properly and I felt surges coming as close as 3 minutes together, by the time we reached the hospital 20 minutes away, they were closer still and as the emergency room midwife was examining me for admission I began to push.

Although I didn't get to use *any* of the physical tools I found out about through GentleBirth, I found the whole 'trust your instinct' mindset was so incredibly useful - I told the midwife when the baby had crowned as it all happened so suddenly, she had just examined me and thought it would take a lot more time. The mantras really helped as my body completely took over and thinking about the surges as just productive in helping Ferdia to get where he was going with a minimum of complications was so beneficial. I had a really great experience and GentleBirth was definitely a huge part of that.