“Thanks so much for your lovely products, I’m still working up to the perineal massage, but the love and labour blend is beautiful :-)”


“Just to let you know we had our homebirth on Thursday night! We used the oils and have been burning them ever since! Thanks so much for a lovely product and very personal service!! I would highly recommend them to other mama’s to be for running up to...during and after the birth!”


“Finally getting around to letting you know how I enjoyed your wonderful oil blends. 6 months later after my little man’s birth I am still using the ‘Sweet Dreams’ mix which has given me such happy memories of my pregnancy with its beautiful scent and hubby got lots of practice with foot rubbing and of course sleep wise, I faired very well and rarely had any bother getting good sleep with bump.

The ‘Love & Labour’ mix only got a small use as my delivery was pretty quick so I’m using that bottle as a ‘Pay It Forward’ blend to share the beautiful aromas with lots more Mammas-to-be.

Thank you for making up such fabulous blends, I thoroughly enjoyed using them during my pregnancy and labour.”


“I first found essencia at the baby talk show where I bought the soothing baby oil. It was beautiful to use.

I had been finding it hard to sleep in pregnancy and it was taking its toll on my daily life- I had thought of the essencia oil range so I consulted Mary who suggested I try the sleep easy oil. I actually couldn’t wait for it to arrive as I was so weary. On the very first night using it I felt it made me feel calm and actually the scent reminded me of a beautiful garden of flowers and thinking of this helped me nod off. I Have used it regularly on a bad nights since and I definitely feel it has helped me relax, switch off and visit my imaginary sunny garden and before long to doze off. I would highly recommend this for anyone but particularly in pregnancy when you can find it hard to get comfortable let alone tame a racing mind which is jam packed with lists of things to do!
Mary’s customer service is also excellent and she will help you find the right blend of oils for your needs. A pleasure to deal with - I have already ordered two more of her oils!”


“Baby arrived 2 weeks early and has had me busy!
As a result, didn’t get too much use out of the perineal massage oil, but only got a tiny tear so must have helped! Love the Love and Labour blend, helped me through a week of contractions before I actually went into labour! ”


“I’ve been using sweet dreams in the bath and on my bump - my hubby been massaging bump too! Love the neroli in it - reminds me of a face oil I had years ago. Can’t wait to try love & labour! Thanks again! ”


“Thanks so much for your lovely products, I’m still working up to the perineal massage, but the love and labour blend is beautiful :-)”


“Thanks so much for both the beautiful oils & birthing pool. I used one of your blends on a Friday night & was in labour 24 hours later.:-) the birthing pool was a godsend & we used your oils throughout to keep the calm atmosphere when it was most needed. I have recommended you to pregnant friends”