“We found the techniques for Dads, encouragement and confidence for Moms…a load of information and advice based on the Irish system…all very useful over the course of the GentleBirth weekend.”
— Cork GentleBirth attendee

If you want a positive birth experience - then GentleBirth is for you. This birth preparation programme is about removing the fear surrounding birth and replacing it with confidence.

GentleBirth brings you together as a couple to prepare yourself and your birth partner for a really positive birth. GentleBirth is very much evidence based...doing the course will stack the odds in your favour. It's training for birth. This is one of life's major events and you need to prepare for it.

GentleBirth trains your brain, teaches you techniques to manage physically on the day and also prepares you to navigate the maternity care system using practical decision-making tools. It changes the way you think about pregnancy, birth and parenting so you can feel excited about birth and confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way on the day and those intense weeks of early parenting. It's the 'worry cure for pregnancy'.

Couples can choose from either a 1 day blended format or the traditional 2 day Multi Day Live format. Both included 1 month's free access to the GentleBirth app. There is no difference in the content presented within either format.  Our new 1-day blended session was created to offer you even more flexibility within our programs. 

1-Day Blended format:

Our new 1-Day Blended workshop requires a 1-day commitment to attend a live training.  Blended learning incorporates in-person training as well as online, self-paced learning. This intensive, 8-hour day focuses on engagement and interaction in the classroom including practical hands on skills but also incorporates additional video instruction via our online Learning Management System following the in-person workshop.  After spending a full day together learning and getting to know other parents, you will be provided 30-day access to our robust online workshop course that will reinforce the skills you learned at the live session and learn even more to help you and your partner  feel calm, confident and in control for your baby's birth.   We know you're busy, so this 30-day access allows you to learn at your own pace on your own time without needing to commit to a multi-day, in-person workshop.  All attendees will be invited to the Learning Management System within 48 hours of attending the live workshop.

Multi-Day Live format:

The Multi-Day Live format is our traditional workshop that is exclusively in-person. This training is conducted over 2 half days days or is spread over several weeks in smaller segments mid-week. This immersive experience covers all the material from the blended format in person with no access to the Learning Management System. You will spend the duration of the workshop sessions with the same group and instructor. 


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And what are the benefits of doing GentleBirth with me?

I've been running the workshops in Cork since 2009, and have built up a vast experience of working with couples over this time. I pride myself on offering support to Mums (and their partners if needed), long after the workshop has finished and I am available by email, phone or via Facebook to answer queries or provide reassurance. I also offer regular GentleBirth meet ups in Cork and these are a chance for those interested in GentleBirth or who are using the programme to meet other like minded parents and have a cuppa in a relaxing and positive atmosphere. I have now taught hundreds of women and their partners in Munster how to prepare for a positive birth experience using GentleBirth. Complementing my GentleBirth teaching, I am also a doula (since 2006) and attend births on a regular basis in CUMH; as well as in Waterford, Tipperary and in a home birth setting. This means I have extensive first hand knowledge of the maternity hospital you will be attending and this can really help during a workshop - especially if you are a first time Mum. I also run VBAC workshops on a regular basis and I am aware of the specific challenges that those hoping to have a VBAC may face. I think my extensive experience from so many years of teaching workshops means that I have built up a huge amount of knowledge around the subject of birth, and I know the GentleBirth programme intimately.


GentleBirth™ Workshop Dates 2018

January   19th/20th

February   23rd*** 1 day Blended Learning Format

March   30th/31st

April   20th*** 1 day Blended Learning Format

May   25th/26th

June   22nd***1 day Blended Learning Format

July   21st / 22nd

August   24th *** 1 day Blended Learning Format

September  TBC 

October   TBC

November  TBC 

December   TBC


Cork Airport Hotel, Airport Business Park, Cork City

(Leave the N27 at airport roundabout, continue to the 3rd Roundabout, then take the 3rd Exit for the hotel)

GentleBirth Dad talks about the benefits

BirthingMamas offer the full range of GentleBirth™ products, so check out the links below for further information on the selection

  GentleBirth VBAC workshops

GentleBirth VBAC workshops

Date: Sat. 20th October

Time: 10am - 2pm

Venue: MyPlace, Midleton, Co. Cork


  GentleBirth App

GentleBirth App

The GentleBirth App provides everything you need for a more relaxed positive pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. Each day you’ll be guided through a unique brain training program tailored exactly to your circumstances.

  Gentlebirth meet ups

Gentlebirth meet ups

Date: Sunday 8th July

Time: 11 noon  - 1.15pm

Venue: Starbucks, City Gate, Mahon

Mary...just wanted to thank u for a great weekend. It was so informative and exactly what I was hoping it would be.

I feel so confident and ready for this birth now! Even though I’m glad I have a few weeks to really concentrate on the tracks. You created a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the class. It was so open and comfortable so thank u for that!!
— GentleBirth client