Indulge yourself with this sumptuous blend of essential oils that can help you feel like a million dollars toward the end of your pregnancy, as well as offer you support during your labour.

The Love+Labour Blend is a useful addition to any birth tool kit and can help soothe, calm and enhance your labour experience.


Sunflower (latin name), Lavender (???), Rose (???), Jasmine (???), Clary Sage (???), Frankinsence (???), Vitamin A


We want you to feel pampered from the start, so all of our essencia blends arrive in beautiful packaging with a detailed booklet to help you understand how to use them effectively. This also makes them an ideal gift for friends and family - and the option to have a personal message added gives that extra special touch.

Why not indulge yourself today and prepare for your birth in the nicest way possible, creating a tranquil environment leading up to your labour, on the day itself and in the postpartum period.


  • This blend can be used in the bath - just add 5mls once it has finished running and enjoy a very relaxing and pampering soak.
  • Add to some unscented shower gel and use in the shower. Use approx 10ml of the mix to 100ml for shower gel. Or just had a few drops of the blend directly to the edge of the shower tray to release the aroma.
  • It can be applied to the body - either as a relaxing massage or as a very luxurious body oil once you reach full term.
  • This blend can be added to some tissue and inhaled
  • Add some drops to a warm compress and applied (with suitable pressure) to the lower back during labour.
  • It can also help to combat the normal hospital smells (which for some Mums can cause anxiety)
  • No matter where you are labouring - in hospital or at home, why not feel like you are in a spa during your birth.

What to expect...

I formulated the Love+Labour Blend during my own pregnancy to help support me during my own labour. Being a trained aromatherapist I was very aware that essential oils can help with anxiety in general, and I also knew that certain oils were noted as useful during childbirth. I handpicked the oils I felt would best combine to help keep me calm during labour as well as help me manage my surges.

During my labour my husband and doulas used my blend at various stages, giving me back massages, adding it to the shower tray, massaging my feet and legs as well as my neck, shoulders, arms and hands. I also added some to a tissue when my birth preferences changed from a hoped-for home birth to a hospital transfer.  I used the Love+Labour Blend as a pampering soak in the bath once I was full term (more than 37 weeks). I still use the blend even today as a luxurious body oil for myself after I have a shower. It smells so amazing, and the oils are so nourishing that I find it helpful for my skin.

My Love+Labour Blend uses only natural ingredients - pure essential oils of Clary Sage (which the evidence shows can help women manage their labour, reduce the need for pain medication and strengthen their surges), as well as the warm and calming Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Frankincense are hand blended with a cold pressed carrier oil of Sunflower Oil (high in Vitamin A) which help to soothe the aches and pains of labour. The oils combine to create the most luxurious smell which evokes feelings of calmness and helps to soothe, uplift and comfort, thereby aiding relaxation and well-being.


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